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SE COMPRA Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus 128Gb + Warranty

Merchandising - Coleccionables

Madrid (Barcelona)

Publicado el 23/05/2017 | Visto 1.317 veces

* Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus 4G Phone (Available In All Colors & Gb) - $500USD

Whatsapp 24hrs: +254792178408

iPhone 7 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. It introduces advanced new camera systems.The brightest, most colorful iPhone display. Splash and water resistance.

Email Us At:

Phones are original
Original + 2 Years Warranty
14 Days MoneyBack Guarantee
2-3 Days Delivery (DHL,FeDeX)

*Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 4G Unlocked Phone (Available In All Colors & Gb) - $600USD

The Galaxy S8 Plus is the Android phone you want if you like big and tall smartphones. The amazing display, great camera and slick software should make you forget about the awkwardly placed fingerprint scanner and the half-bake Bixby assistant.

For more informations regarding product and purchasing process send your enquiry to :

Sales Rep: Damiano Mazzarini Abdulrahman
Whatsapp 24hrs: +254792178408
Skype ID: Directcellulars
Email Us At:

500,00€ + 2,00€ de envío

sales manager


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